How To Join Us


Membership meetings are held at the Council Community Church located 105 California Avenue on the first Thursday of the month, 4 pm to 7 pm (except July and August).


We invite visitors to attend two membership meetings before becoming a paying member.


Membership is composed of a person's interest in quilts and quilting in all forms.


A name tag swatch is given to every new member.  We encourage all members to make and wear their homemade name tag.


Participants voluntarily work on fun projects lead by a program leader.

Meeting Highlights:


Wear a name tag and you will be eligible to put your name in for the name tag drawing.

Italicized Word:  

Find the italicized word in the newsletter, remember it and write it on a ticket to be eligible to win the prize.


Write your name on a number on the raffle grid for $1.00.  If your name is drawn, you win the prized designated for that drawing.

Show & Tell:  

Bring your projects and share with the group.  All projects are worthy of being shared.  If you made it and you like it, let everyone see.

UFO Challenge:

Click here for the UFO Challenge Form - keyboard fillable

Membership Benefits:

Paid membership entitles a member to receive a monthly newsletter, membership directory, membership card, name tag swatch, reduced workshop fees sponsored by the guild and full voting privileges for a calendar year from Jan 1 - Dec 31.  Membership is $20.00 per year, payable in November.  Click here for Membership Form - keyboard fillable

Classified and Retail Advertising:

Paid advertisement entitles a business to advertise in our annual membership directory, monthly newsletter and on our website for a calendar year from Jan 1 - Dec 31.  Advertisement is $20.00 per year, payable in November.  

Click her for Advertisement form - keyboard fillable